• Legal career of over 30 years in civil litigation
    and trials spanning the full range of commercial litigation


For much of my career, I have been called on from time to time to conduct investigations.

This has sometimes been to get to the bottom of some disputed complaint, and sometimes with an eye to undertaking legal action to redress a perceived wrong. More recently, I have been called on to conduct “independent” investigations of extremely sensitive matters, usually triggered by a complaint against one or more high-ranking officers. My background as someone with experience in both business litigation and employment litigation has been a consideration in my selection, as has my career as a neutral.

Typically this will require extensive interviewing of witnesses, and it may also require extensive examination of electronic or paper documents. For independent investigations, interviews are generally conducted by two interviewers. I will typically engage assistance that will be helpful with the type of investigation being conducted. This may be someone in forensic accounting, a criminal law specialist, an employee benefits expert, or someone from a different discipline, legal or otherwise, that fits the nature of the matter being investigated.

The investigation is typically conducted at the direction of a general counsel, member of an audit committee or other high ranking authority. It is generally conducted to be an attorney-client-privileged investigation, but the client may choose to make the report public. In most circumstances, we produce a written investigation report that provides a summary of findings and observations.

Not licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania.