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papers: mediation

I have attended countless training and continuing education programs on mediation in addition to practicing a mediator’s craft for fifteen years. The process is endlessly fascinating because it is different in some way every time. I have jotted down my thoughts and reflections on particular aspects of the process in papers I have delivered on the subject. My purpose is to share some of what I have learned and observed in the hope that it may be of benefit and value to others.

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Building Trust Beyond and Including Active Listening
Convening – Who Sits at the Table Is Important
Decision Trees in Mediation
Employment Mediation: What Works and What Does Not
Kabuki Bracketing
Mediating Complex Cases
Mediation Tricks of the Trade 2004
Preparing for Mediation 2007
Preparing and Executing A Mediation Strategy 2011
Trade Secrets of a Mediator